A Message From You.... To You!

     I have been fascinated by dreams since early adolescence, when I began to dream of far away planets, long ago dramas, and what would be on the menu by next Tuesday.

     I made a study of Jungian dream analysis in college, but it didn't change the ways I had learned from my own grandmother. 

    I have shown so many people that dreams are nothing to fear!  Rather, these are messages which can be decoded and laid out as a guide on our life map!  Dreams are a big help!!

     Choose a complete analysis of 5 dreams, or of one recurring dream;  or just one dream that has you captivated!  $15US

Kind of Dream:

'My dream of flowers showed me my own inner creativity!' Debra S., Washington State

'The dreams I had of conferring with past presidents were confusing, troubling to me... till you explained that I was telling myself to watch my money!' Edward T., Richmond Virginia

'I was frightened by my dream of apples, thinking it lead to making choices as badly as did Eve in the Garden! Now that I realize these dreams represent something else entirely, I am at completely at ease!' Myra F., New York

Shoot me an email at MarieSpider@live.com.

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