Feeling Something's Just Not Right With You?

     Feeling goosebumps, chills, a heavy weight on your chest?  Seeing funny flashes or dark spots out of the corner of your eye?  People looking at you funny?  Things just not right??

You Wouldn't Believe How Often This Happens, And To The Nicest People...

     It might be something you bought at the thrift store, or in Mexico, or from a yard sale... something that has some Other energy on it which simply needs to be properly cleansed. 

     I can tell you in detail exactly how to remove all residual energy from other people, places, events, time frames, and actions.  Since you may want this information to use on all the stuff you acquire from other interesting places, I can email it to you for printout later.

Sometimes It's Where You Are...

     You may unknowingly be living over an old graveyard, mental hospital, slaughterhouse, or toxic waste dump.  Your present residence may have housed a depressed or unstable person afflicted with bad energies or spirits; it may have been the scene of a murder or suicide. 

     These and other unfortunate conditions give off psychic miasma that clings to the buildings, furnishings, windows, woodwork, and upholstery for years.  Such energy can sap the life out of plants and trees and stunt the growth of animals.

     Fortunately, it can be cleansed and treated back to its original condition.  I can tell you how, and since you will have to reapply treatment periodically, I put it in writing.   


Sometimes You Ticked The Wrong Person Off...

and they have made sure you are suffering the consequences. 

     I have remedies for this too!  Don't give up hope, or suffer any longer.

The Daily Grind, Traffic, the Jostling of Strangers Takes Its' Toll Too...

and we pick up each others hurts, resentments, angers, and issues all the time.  Especially those we work with and like, with whom we may have lowered our guard, and loosened the boundaries.

     This is the easiest condition to treat, and most uplifting.  We don't have to push people away or tell them to keep their distance.  On the contrary!  I know wonderful applications of energy treatments that strengthen and brighten everybody around you!  Great for dealing with troublesome teens and hyper kids too.

Just Give Me A Call or A Click

     And we'll deal with it directly, simply, and without fear!

     I may want you to do some physical cleaning with Spic n Span or Mr. Clean or whatever;  mostly, though, we use prayer, light, and sound.

     Rate is $85 per quarter hour.

Shoot me an email at MarieSpider@live.com.

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