Sidereal Astrology!

     Astrology was my first love! 

     In 1971 I did my first lessons, back when we used the Dalton's Table of Houses and calculated the angles to your chart with pencil and paper!  Today, with my computer and Solar Fire Gold astrology software, it's a lot faster!

    I use the sidereal method of calculating the planets in the constellations in real time.  I have found it a great deal more accurate than any other method.  This was highly publicized in 2011 as 'changed' astrology.  Well of course the skies have changed in 4000 years!!!

     The school of astrology with which most people are familiar is seasonal, or tropical astrology, it calculates where the planets were in the past, and puts them in signs as opposed to the constellations where they currently travel.  For some, this works;  for me, it is a part of the past.  I want to know how to optimize the present for a better future!!



     Sidereal Astrology is the way to your future, to using your energies wisely! 


     Check out my astrology site,!!

     Each of us individual persons have a unique birth date, chosen by our souls as pictures of them, reflected by the heavenly energies when we incarnate. 

     Another way of looking at it would be to say that the heavens are a template;  when they fall in a pattern which we fit, we go through!!

    This is a way of understanding why astrology works!  More detail can be found on my astrology site,!

     I can do birth charts for a person, a business, an idea, a book, a marriage, an adoption, an acquisition, or a merger; anything currently in existence.  The more data you can provide for me, the more accurate the chart for you!!  I need the year, month and day, the time and the place. 

     Even better, I can advise you on the best time to launch a project, business, or venture!

    Natal charts are complete, privately posted about 20 pages, $400US.  Competatively priced!  

    For more options, visit my astrology site,!

    Some people want clarification on just one area of their chart.  I have worked out a holistic approach to this, as I understand that many of us don't have time or energy for a whole birth chart analysis.      

     So, based on the most frequently raised issues, I have subdivided my charts into different categories:  Abundance, Friendship, Callings, and Blessings and Recoveries. 

     Choose an Abundance chart to view in depth your natural capacity to handle money, possessions, the worlds goods, and how to best accomplish your stewardship skills in the world.  I can highlight your best opportunities for creating wealth, for keeping it, and guarding against losing it all at one stroke.  I emphasize work potential and gifts from heaven.

     Choose a Friendship chart to weigh your chances for romance and marriage, when these gifts are likely to offer themselves, and what to look for in a potential perfect soul mate and twin flame.  If you have made misjudgments in the past, I can highlight the patterns of those missteps and show you how to keep from repeating them.  I emphasize who to avoid also!

     Callings charts are a highlight on your natural talents, aptitudes, interests and strengths.  In which field will you shine? Where might you fall? Is the field you are most interested in the one for which you are most suited?  Heavens knows, and I tell all about it!

     Blessings and Recoveries are heavens favorite occupations!  When you have had a run of 'bad luck', or need a miracle, I can show you where to look.  If you are back on the road serenely, I can show you where to tread.  A nice gift of encouragement!

     You may also choose a Nativity View to understand the overall plan for your life, your souls purpose on earth, your strengths to share and your weaknesses to overcome, where you can shine for others to follow, and where your temptations lie. The Nativity View can be cast for the birth of a person, the founding of a business, the formation of a partnership, the bonds of a marriage, or other enterprise. 

     Our all new format is concise, insightful, and of Lazar-like intensity. Answers at a glance in iconic narrative form, simple direct language without equivocations, ambiguities, or trips to the dictionary!
     'Ferociously insightful'.
     $85, email or phone session available; please allow 24 hours from time of acknowledgment for preparation.  I craft these myself, not computer generated!    
, check it out!


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