I make no distinction between talking to the disembodied, the discarnate, the distant, or the dispirited!

     If you have one last conversation to hold, I can help.

     If you have something that you need someone, living or dead, to know, I can help.

     If you have to find out how someone died, or if he died, I can help.

     I can help.

     The rate for 1 hour seance is $70US, in whatever medium.  Please schedule at least 1 hour of uninterrupted time.  Sessions can be in person, or on the phone for your convenience. 
     I can conduct the session privately and email you the results.

     'It is so important to me that she is safe, and secure, and she knows what happened to her and isn't afraid.  I was afraid she was hurt, lost, in agony, and I was going crazy myself, until I got that one last chance to talk to her.  Thanks!'  Stan W., Wisconsin

     'Until I actually talked to my dad, after his death, I was afraid of it, and afraid of what had happened to him.  Now I can face life and death with a lot of hope.'  Jim M., Toronto

     'I am glad to know my dog Abbie is well and happy, and waiting for me on the Other side.  Sometimes I still feel her at my feet!'  Lloyd L., Brighton

     'I knew my boyfriend was flying down some highway somewhere on his beloved Harley.  Sometimes I miss him so much I just had to connect one more time.  Thanks!'  Melia S., Spokane

     "Those strange images on my camera were really starting to freak me out, till you explained them.  I feel pretty good about it all now.'  Sheila, Bellevue sales rep.

Shoot me an email at MarieSpider@live.com.

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