I studied Tarot under the tutelage of my own grandmother, long before the cards were available commercially.  It was a challenge making my own cards, and keeping them in good working order while using them everyday. 

     I read for myself, a difficult task but what separates the professional from the dilettante.

     I read every day, and log my work.  I note the changes in our cultural consciousness as reflected in the deck and the way it relates to the language.  Boeing has it's own card, as does Microsoft, while I am reading in Seattle;  the same cards represent an entirely different corporate entity in Hong Kong.  Fascinating!!

     This week I am in the mood for the Morgan Greer deck!!

     Check out my website, www.myTarotbook.com, and tell me that you have gained insight, appreciation, and understanding of your own Tarot skills!!  Don't forget to make a small contribution to your favorite no-kill pet shelter.

     If you still feel like you need a Tarot reading, shoot me an email at MarieSpider@live.com.  I am still the best in the field! 

Shoot me an email at MarieSpider@live.com.

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